Barun Sobti on his bond with Ridhi Dogra, “We have an equal amount of love and respect for each other”

Mumbai, 21st June 2023: Amazon miniTV’s popular romantic drama series ‘Badtameez Dil’ premiered last week, and has been on everyone’s mind since then. This exquisitely crafted series, full of passion and romance showcases a head-turning lead performance by Barun Sobti. A complete emotional roller-coaster, the series leaves audiences wanting for more, making us laugh, brim with emotions and fall in love with all the characters and extremely relatable storyline.

Barun Sobti

Talking about what makes this show different from the other romantic dramas, Barun Sobti shared how he was waiting to do something like this. He said, “It was in my sub-conscience that it was getting a little intense so there should be something light-hearted. Badtameez Dil is a light-hearted show and I think the novelty of the idea itself in current times because everything else is so intense makes it special. Apart from that the writing also sets it apart.” Throwing light on his character, he shared “Karan believes in compartmentalization, he thinks that we can’t find everything in just one person. There should be a friend, a girlfriend, everything compartmentalised basically. He thinks that’s the way of modern love.”

He further commented about his bond with Ridhi and how they had a blast on the set along with the other cast members. “Ridhi and me had a ball shooting this show. On and Off set both. We have a very healthy friendship. Everyone has a different kind of bond right and in our case we have an equal amount of love and respect for each other. It was creatively satisfying, and it was fun. Not only me and Ridhi but the whole cast. The whole cast hung out till sunrise most of the nights”, he shared. When asked about the shooting scenes and improvisation them, he mentioned, “It was our director’s idea basically. He was always like – bring on whatever suggestion you have, and he used to listen and consider them too. It wasn’t like he just asked for the ideas and never considered.”

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