Authors James Ivey, MSM & Claudia Ivey’s New Book, “Filling Your Emptiness: Your New Life,” Reveals How to Fight the Emotional and Spiritual Emptiness Often Felt in Life

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Littleton, CO, February 07, 2023 – James Ivey, MSM, a husband, father, grandfather, businessperson, entrepreneur, designer, and educator, who holds multiple college degrees, and Claudia Ivey, have completed their new book, “Filling Your Emptiness: Your New Life”: a profound tool to help readers break difficult cycles of sin and addiction discover the only thing in life that will truly fulfill one’s needs and help one start fresh once more.

“Regardless of your current life situation, everyone has an emptiness that creates doubt, disappointment, sadness, loneliness, and pain,” writes James and Claudia. “The emptiness continually surfaces, causing personal questioning, self-doubt, confusion, that can cause discouragement, conflict, turmoil, anger, aggression, oppression, depression, rejection, self-harm.

“It matters not your age, race, physique, education, finances, or social affluence–popular or neglected, everyone is continually haunted by their emptiness.

“The people around us and our environment influence our reaction to our emptiness. We seek to fill our emptiness. We try anything and everything that we are exposed to in an attempt to achieve happiness, success, and fulfillment.

“We seek to fill our emptiness by overworking, overexercising, over-entertaining, overeating, social media addiction, shopping addiction, gambling addiction, alcohol, drugs, opioids, and pornography. None provide the long-lasting happiness, self-worth, or fulfillment we seek. Many of our repeated practices become habits, addictions, and cycles.

“There is only one answer and choice to truly, continually, and successfully fill your emptiness with what provides the life of acceptance and everlasting love you seek.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, James Ivey, MSM, and Claudia Ivey’s new book provides a roadmap for readers to understand the necessary steps towards turning one’s life around and working through dark times to discover the divine guiding light of the Lord at the end of the tunnel.

Readers can purchase “Filling Your Emptiness: Your New Life” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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