ART Fertility Clinics releases its first-ever ad film on TV and digital platforms showcasing its unique 3 Trust Factors

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ART Fertility Clinics release

New Delhi, 28 March 2023. ART Fertility Clinics, a globally recognized chain offering IVF treatments, recently released its first TV communication, highlighting its 3T or 3 Trust Factors that help the chain deliver a pregnancy rate of 70%, amongst the highest globally. The film is a moving story of the triumph of hope over helplessness, sensitively conveyed by a woman who failed to conceive naturally but was finally able to after she underwent treatment at ART Fertility Clinics.

Dr. Somesh Mittal, CEO of ART Fertility Clinics, India, says, “We are thrilled to showcase our first-ever ad film that highlights our 3 Trust Factors: Treatment, Technology, and Transparency. Our team of doctors, embryologists, and nursing staff is amongst the best in the world. Their expertise, combined with our use of some of the most innovative technologies, makes us among the most successful clinics for infertility management and IVF treatment. Some of the most innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and types of equipment we use as part of our treatment include (1) RI WITNESS SYSTEM that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to detect and monitor all activity in the laboratory to safeguard every stage of the IVF cycle. In addition, RFID readers are integrated into the worktops to track the movement of samples ensuring these don’t get contaminated (mixed) on account of any human error; (2) XILTRIX ALARMING SYSTEM that provides sensors for laboratory monitoring and alarm systems. It is one of the essential parts of the Quality Control procedures of the laboratory; (3) ZAND PCOC 3 AIR FILTERS are industry-leading portable air filters best suited for IVF laboratories. They trap particles as small as 0.001 microns to create an environment as clean and safe as a mother’s womb.”

Mr. Karan Kumar, Group Chief Marketing and Growth Officer of ART Fertility Clinics, added, “We wanted to take an emotive but realistic route in our story-telling, one best delivered by a woman who, having experienced Infertility herself, sought evidence-based medical treatment to overcome it. We also consciously wove references to her husband and mother-in-law into the script. We believe both are uniquely placed to offer the most immediate and intimate support the wife needs, albeit often does not have amongst large parts of our society. That aside, we also wanted the story to highlight that Infertility is a gender-agnostic condition and that Male Infertility could be an equally contributing factor in the life of a couple trying to conceive and start a family naturally. We think the film was a much-needed intervention in the mass media ecosystem, especially because, despite the gravity of this crisis, the subject of Infertility remains a taboo conversation in most parts of our society. We think the film will help mainstream this discussion, bringing it out in the open. As global leaders in reproductive medicine, we think that this is our responsibility and that we are best suited to lead this change in India.”

The release of this new film is not an isolated initiative from the brand. Over the past months, ART Fertility Clinics has launched several initiatives to raise awareness about the Infertility crisis faced by as many high as 1 out of every 6 couples in India. The brand had also recently launched “Let’s Talk Infertility,” its unique initiative with leading media house NDTV. Before that, the clinic chain had announced the “Tree Of Life” program, a unique initiative where the clinic plants a fruit-bearing tree to celebrate the birth of every child across six states where its clinics are present while beginning the year by hosting “ANNO 2023,” one of the largest international conferences showcasing assisted reproductive technologies and latest advancements in reproductive medicine.

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