After last year’s silver medal, Vinayak sets his sight on ultimate glory at National Poker Series India 2023

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Ranchi, Jharkhand, March 16, 2023 – As the 2023 edition of the National Poker Series (NPS) inches closer, the competition is set to become fierce with many players expected to compete for the top spot. With previous years’ winners joining the roster, the stakes are going to be higher this time around with players such as Vinayak Bajaj eyeing to turn his silver into a gold medal this time around. A 30-year-old analyst from Ranchi, his patience and incisive skills helped him fetch the silver medal in 2022 and paved the way forward for many others from the region to pursue their passion for poker.

While Vinayak’s stint with Poker began in 2016, his adventure has helped him reach the top ten of PokerBaazi’s Greatest of All-Tournament (GOAT), India’s largest poker event. With a pedigree of gaining positive results in most of his ventures, he has currently participated in 2207 events, winning prizes in 600 of those tournaments, and even won 23 tournaments.

Speaking about his expectations from NPS 2023, Vinayak said “It has been close to Seven years since I started playing poker, and the whole experience has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. While I almost bagged the top prize last year, the NPS silver medal still holds a special place in my heart. For continuing to play poker professionally, volume is highly essential, especially in multi-table tournaments (MTTs). My goal is to play poker three to four days a week and participate in approximately 200 events per month which include high-octane tournaments such as the NPS”.

He added “After the first NPS, the game has evolved a lot and the stakes are higher than ever too. NPS draws a lot of new players into the fray where the idea is not just to promote it to poker players but to provide a platform for aspirants on the brink of pursuing the sport professionally as well as recreationally. NPS is being hosted on PokerBaazi yet again and with platforms such as PokerBaazi, the poker community does not have to worry about participating in several tournaments, as it provides you with an opportunity to showcase your skills and upskill yourself through NPS”.

Vinayak has helped open the floodgates for budding aspirants of Poker to showcase their skills and hone them further to help rise the ladder in the Poker community.

324 medals will be awarded to the winners of this year’s National Poker Series India 2023 (NPS). It will be hosted on PokerBaazi from 29th March-16th April 2023. To know the complete schedule, click here:

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