5 Fun Toys for Kids to take over Boredom this Summer!

No wonder, kids always share a special bond with their toys. Toys, that end up being their best friends, toys, with whom their bond gets so inextricable that with them, it also binds memories for our kids to cherish them when the time seems to fly away, as fast as flamingos.

To maintain the cycle of this bond, here are the best Toy Brands that are on top of their game already, that ensure to be your kid’s best friend.

Avengers Sling Puck by Skoodle:

Avengers Sling Puck by Skoodle:

Avengers Sling Puck by Skoodle is a fun board game that includes one solid and smooth wooden frame board with lightweight 10 wooden pieces which induces your kids to increase their concentration with a dash of learning, creativity and fun. With an affordable price range, it has the additional advantage of being portable and flexible.

Available at: https://www.skoodleplay.com/skoodle-avengers-sling-puck

Double Decker by Funskool

Double Decker by Funskool:

Double Decker by Funskool is one creative way to enhance your child’s skills. The product offers 4 boxes of dough with different colours to elevate the crafting skills of kids and enables them to create different shapes, forms, structures of their preference.

Available at: https://www.funskoolindia.com/age_product/5-8/4

Wooden Spinning Tops by Desi Toys

Wooden Spinning Tops by Desi Toys:

These wooden Spinning toys are surely here to bring back those good old days when this game in the 90s was a household name and routine for every child. Unlike other modern, advanced toys,these wooden spinning tops need no batteries and cells to function but the charm of old school sources of joy from your kid’s pocket.

 Available at: https://www.desitoys.in/products/desi-toys-spinning-top-windup-top-pack-of-2

3D DIY Paper craft kit by Toiing

3D DIY Paper craft kit by Toiing:

DIY paper craft kit by Toiing is an ideal source of learning along with fun for your kids. The product certainly holds the potential to broaden the horizon of your child’s imagination and creative skills with a dash of fun and joy with every fold of the paper.

Available at: https://toiing.com/products/craftoi-santa-3d-diy-indian-paper-craft-kit-toy-pack-of-2

Tile-O-Board by Eduedge

Tile-O-Board by Eduedge:

Tile-O-Board by Eduedge is a puzzle game with 54 colourful titles which develops strategic & articulative skills along with curiosity among children of above 3 years of age. The product enhances the creative as well as intellectual potential within your kids to redefine the concept of learning & fun.

Available at: https://eduedge.net.in/products/eduedge-tile-o-board

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