37 climate-tech startups from a pool of 500 applications pitched at Climathon’23, organized by Capital A and Java Capital

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37 climate-tech startups

Bangalore, 11th July 2023: In an unprecedented move towards a greener future, Java Capital and Capital A successfully co-hosted the world’s first 24-hour Pitchathon, Climathon’23, exclusively for climate-tech startups. The pitch then received over 500 applications, of which 37 unique startups were shortlisted to present their climate tech solutions and ideas. The most promising ones could secure up to $1 million in investment.

The panel, comprising representatives from both VC funds, including Ankit Kedia (Founder of Capital A) and Aswani Chaitanya (VP of Investments from Capital A), along with Vinod Shankar, Bhargavi V, and Karteek Pulapaka (Co-Founders and Partners at Java Capital), diligently reviewed the pitches.

Climathon’23 went beyond the traditional pitch event, providing a platform for climate-tech founders from all over India to showcase their sustainable solutions and dedication to combating climate change. The event attracted a diverse range of participants, including both first-time founders and seasoned professionals. They all shared a common goal of building upon their years of experience in various domains, which encompassed Energy Transition, Advanced/Alternate Materials, Circular Economy/Waste Management, Climate Finance, Agriculture/Food Systems, Green Buildings/Construction, Carbon Capture & Storage, Mobility, and Transport.

Ankit Kedia, Founder & Lead Investor at Capital A, expressed his excitement, stating, “The response to Climathon’23 has been exhilarating! The passion and dedication of climate-tech founders across India, particularly in tier-2 cities, is truly inspiring. We firmly believe that the next big fundable landscape belongs to climate businesses seeking to build innovative, purpose-driven ventures with a clear path to revenues and profitability.”

Adding to this, Vinod Shankar, Partner at Java Capital, said, “Climathon’23 achieved remarkable success, with more than 40 startups exhibiting unwavering dedication throughout the exhaustive 32-hour pitch session. Their enthusiasm and commitment were evident across diverse sectors, including batteries, EV, solar, and materials. The event not only showcased the energy and innovation of India’s climate-tech startups but also embraced founders from a wide range of cities, such as Bhubaneshwar, Kadapa, Kanpur, Noida, Ahmedabad, and Coimbatore, in addition to the well-established startup hubs of Delhi and Mumbai. We are thrilled to continue our unwavering support for the climate sector startups and make a significant contribution towards overcoming the challenges posed by climate change.”

Climathon’23 represents a significant stride towards fostering a sustainable future, establishing a platform for India’s most promising climate-tech startups. The event encourages collaboration, raises awareness, and drives investment within the climate-tech ecosystem.

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